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Christopher's work as a Director and Choreographer has been praised by some of the most exciting publications and TV personalities today and has been enjoyed by over  20 MILLION PEOPLE.

Tick, Tick, BOOM!
George Street Playhouse

"Christopher Rice-Thomson’s lively, expressive dances enhance many a scene."


"I don’t think you’ll ever see the show done better."

Cast testimonials

"Combined with the choreography of Christopher Rice-Thomson, Director David Saint, who had collaborated with Larson, has come up with a fast-paced, energetic staging that makes a perfect fit with Larson’s rocking score — but also knows how to take time with more reflective moments."


Disney's The Little Mermaid
Director and Choreographer
Franklin Performing Arts Co.

Mermaid 162.JPEG
Mermaid 007.JPEG

Audience Reactions

R&H's Cinderella
(Enchanted Edition)

Flat rock playhouse


“In short, the staging of Cinderella is both inventive and visually stunning. Flat Rock Playhouse's production team has crafted a magical world that transports the audience into the enchanting realm of the fairy tale.”

“Ultimately, what truly sets this Cinderella apart is its fresh take on the characters. While staying true to the essence of the beloved fairy tale, this musical presents a more nuanced and empowered version of Cinderella. She is no longer a passive damsel in distress but a strong-willed and determined young woman who takes charge of her own destiny.”

Monty python's spamalot
wolfbane productions



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Christopher's Viral #TAPPY Series

The second his tap dance choreography hit the web, it took the world by storm.
It was featured on ABC's World News,
The Meredith Vieira Show, Buzzfe
ed, Mashable,
In Touch Magazine, and more.

"Tap-dancing is one of those old-fashion throwbacks that theoretically shouldn't be cool anymore...Which is why this viral video of "Book of Mormon" star Christopher so amazing."

- Huffington Post

    "Eye-catching choreography!" - Ryan Seacrest 


"We can't get it out of our heads!" -Diane Sawyer

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